Orfeas apartment

The apartment has an area of 90 square meters, and within it there is a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna of cedar wood, steam bath, Jacuzzi for 6 people and aroma shower. In addition, the apartment has a bedroom with a double bed. Next to the pool there is a living room with a large TV.

The apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood of Zemun at 9 km from the city center and 10 minutes drive from the airport Nikola Tesla

The pool is 6 x 4.5 x 1.4 m, has a turbo jet for swimming in the water in it is 30 degrees. The temperature of the water in the Jacuzzi is 37 degrees, and the seat each place has a different type of massage.

The apartment is equipped with a mini bar, coffee and ice maker, air freshener, floor heating, sound system and Internet access in all rooms and free parking in front of the building.

Orfeas has a professional ventilation system, air conditioning and dehumidification, so that it can not happen to see a wet or damp walls, windows and glass because the level of humidity in the room automatically regulated.

Dates and prices:
11-14h = 90 eur
15-19h = 120 eur
20-10h = 250 eur (overnight stay)