I come in the morning, can I immediately enter the apartment?

You can enter in our apartment at the earliest at 14 hours. Earlier entering is possible only if the apartment is discharged earlier on the day of your arrival. Only in case that apartment is empty previous day it is possible to enter in the early morning hours. Surely it is the best to check it with us.

Who will give me the keys?

At the aparmtent there will always be person who will introduce you to the apartment, sign a contract with you, and deliver you the keys to the charge. Phone number you can find on the contact page and we are available 00-24 hours.

I come late at night or early in the morning?

With us you are always welcome at any time of day or night. Entry is possible from 00-24 hours, just let us know at the time of your arrival time.

What do I do with the key when it comes time to leave?

We come and pick up the keys from you.