House rules

  •  You must leave the apartment by 11:00 hrs on the day of release unless agreed otherwise.
  •  Keeping the apartment after 11:00 am cause paying for the next day
  •  Entry to the apartment is from 14:00 hours and possibly earlier if the apartment is available .
  •  The apartment is not allowed to introduce animals .
  •  Guests are required to carry their valuables with them ,because of the objective reasons, we cannot guarantee for them.
  •  In the apartment is forbidden to use hot plates and heaters . The apartment is equipped that the mentioned devices wont be needed.
  •  Guests are required to keep the apartment inventar . Any damage made must be compensated.
  •  Guests must not cause noise and disturb public order . This is especially true for the period from 14 to 17 and from 22 to 09 hours.
  •  The apartment is possible to make and receive visitors , if they respect these house rules .
  •  In case of non-compliance with the house rules we have the right to cancel the use of the guest and declare him ” unwelcome guest” .
  •  From a landline phone in the apartment it is allowed uninterrupted local calls to be made, and you can receive all calls. For objective reasons,in the telecom it is disabled dialing outside of Belgrade .

Guests are asked to report any irregularity , problem or objection to the persone who introduced them to apartment at the phone number they got.

Have a nice and pleasant stay in aprtment Nirvana.