When and where do I pay?

Payment is made when taking the keys from the person who gave them to you. For each payment you will receive bill.

Can I pay in euros or a foreign currency?

Payment is made by dinars at the average exchange rate of the National Bank on the date the payment is made. The apartment is located near the money-changer and currency exchange will not pose a problem.

Can I pay by card or by check?

For now, payment can only be made ​​in cash. However, the apartment is located close to the ATM, so taking cash will not be a problem.

Can I pay at the end of the stay?

Payment is in advance only, when taking the keys.

Do I have to pay a few days in advance to make my reservation to be sure?

If you insist on advance payment it shall not constitute the slightest problem. But even without that, your reservation for which you got positiv answer is certain.