Staying in apartment

Can I use apartment with my friends?

In the apartment , you can make and receive visits. The apartment is rented in its entirety and does not depend on the number of persons in the apartment with you. Your friends can stay too, it is just needed to respect our house rules.

What would wait for me in the fridge ?

Refrigerator in the apartment is empty . If you want to get a certain food do not hesitate to tell us, and we will buy it for you.

How often do you change the sheets and towels ?

The apartment is provided with bedding for as many beds as one apartment can accommodate . Replacement of bed linen is every three days if your booking lasts longer than that, but if you need we can do it sooner.Towels are provided for the duration of your stay as many as you need. Of course, towels and beddings are changed every time someone checks out so clean ones will be waiting for you.

Can I go to the apartment to cook and store food ?

In the apartment there is a fully equipped kitchen with dishes enough for basic food preparation.In the apartment you can store and cook food and it is one of the main advantages which favors us in relation to hotel accommodation. If you have special requirements for some dishes, do not hesitate to tell us. Our desire is to make your stay in Belgrade as comfortable as possible .

I lost the key

In case you lose the key you must bear the cost of replacing the locks on the apartment as well as creating a new set of 5 keys .

Is there internet in the apartment ?

There is a constant internet access – Wi-Fi

Is there a telephone in the apartment ?

There is a landline phone from which for the objective reasons dialing outside Belgrade is disabled, but you can receive unlimited calls . In addition to landline phone you can use a cell phone with a card and a free phone credit of 200 dinars. You can also pay in more phone credits at any store in the city.